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Sport Karate League (All Ages)
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Join Team Positive Impact in the fastest growing Sport Karate League in the Washington, Metropolitan Area! The DMV Sport Karate League!

Join the team and learn:


  • The 7 Qualities of a Champion
    that will help you excel in any arena!

  • How to develop a 'healthy' attitude toward competition

       so you're always ready to 'get into the game'!

  • To become results (not activity) oriented
    ("Do or do not. There is no 'try'!"...Yoda ;-)


Other Benefits Include:

  • Being the perfect sport for females (usually more flexible and 
    probably benefitting the most from the self-defense aspect)

  • Divisions for all age ranges

  • Nobody rides the bench

  • A variety of categories in which to participate (easier to find a niche)

  • Family members can participate together (siblings, parents, and kids, the whole family!)

  • Both a team sport and an individual sport (each individual contributes points from their divisions to the overall team result... but nobody can fumble the ball and blow the 
    game;-).  The best of both worlds!


One of the few sports families can do together:

  • Your kids can do the same activity at the same time as opposed to trying to juggle additional drop-offs and pick-ups for each. Age groups are divided up during practice. 

  • You can finally squeeze a workout in while socializing with like-minded adults

  • Turn your family into a 'team'. Enjoy cheering each other on, sharing experiences and making memories

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