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Children's Program (ages 7-12)

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Positive Impact Kids

Positive Impact Kids

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Our Children's Martial Arts program works with children to teach them

  • how to accept responsibility for their actions,

  • to manage negative emotions,

  • to pay attention to instructions

  • and advice from their instructors.

Our program also teaches children agility, courage, flexibility, and persistence in a way that allows them to build confidence. These skills translate from our martial arts studio to school – and to your home.


Older children have better control than young ones, but they still may struggle with precision and accuracy.

Our program builds on earlier martial arts training to help children gain control of their bodies and build strength while improving their balance.


We teach children to tune out distractions and focus on one thing at a time – something that’s increasingly challenging in today’s electronic world.



Children develop persistence and the determination to see their goals through to the end.

When they’re learning a new skill, they may be afraid or give up easily instead of risking failure.

Our students learn to conquer their fears and persist even when they feel like giving up on a particular challenge or assignment.



Our students learn how to resist negative peer pressure, to disagree politely and to resolve disputes respectfully. Our Mighty Kids program teaches children to speak up without disrupting others and to figure out ways to resolve their challenges within the confines of the program’s structure.

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