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Training Dates with your Ninja

You may hear your child’s instructor talking about practice time at home fairly often. This is because practicing can have a huge impact on a ninja’s ability to perform in class which will lead to more confidence. With more confidence comes the ability to achieve faster and farther! Another great benefit to practicing at home is that this will allow YOU – the parent, an outlet to connect over something they are passionate about. Often times parents feel like they have to go on extravagant outings and spend long periods of time to build that connection. But this can also lead to allowing perfectionism to stop us from finding opportunities. Maybe the location is booked, or the activities just aren’t good enough. Setting aside time to practice with your ninja can be just as fulfilling and allow you the ability to connect more often! Wouldn’t that be great!? Here are a few tips to help you master practice time: 1) Don’t worry about consistency Wait, What!? For real! Don’t worry about making it an everyday thing (at first). Whenever you have some free time and the opportunity is there, take it! This allows you to start off easy, start by practicing for a few minutes whenever they pop up and build from there. The goal would be to build to a set schedule, but the keyword is “build”. Focus on staying in the moment and grabbing them whenever possible. 2) Simplicity Don’t over think it. You do want to practice what your ninja will be doing in class, but it does not need to be perfect. You do not have to correct everything. Focus on connection and not perfection. Keep the smiles coming and laughs loud as you give your ninja your undivided attention. 3) Take advantage of your surroundings If you are in a park, do some jumping kicks. Find a tree (or maybe a bush!) with some low hanging leaves and see if you can kick that high. In a grocery store, how about a game of “Think Fast”, just don’t break anything! If you are in a waiting room, ask to see their form or ask them to show you’re their blocks and strikes while sitting. 4) Improvise If your ninja has chores, take some time and do them together! You can easily turn sweeping the house, raking leaves, shoveling snow into an epic lightsaber battle! Improvise! Wax on Wax off, find a way to make it fun by including your martial arts and be creative! These tips should help you find more ways to practice with your ninja. More importantly, remember that this is about connecting with your kids so have fun and smile!

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