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Lil' Dragons (Ages 4-6)

Our Lil' Dragon program (ages 4-6) offers more than just martial arts:

  • Teaches kids to play well with others

  • Helps them resist negative influences

  • Provides safety tips

  • Introduces Tae Kwon Do basics

  • Enhances coordination, flexibility, balance, and strength

  • Boosts confidence

  • Instills valuable habits and skills crucial for their development

No previous martial arts experience required. Classes have around 8 students, lasting 45 minutes with warm-up, stretches, technique drills/games, and conditioning.

Twice-weekly attendance leads to:

  • Mental and physical strength and confidence

  • Improved fitness, self-awareness, and self-respect

Additional benefits include:

  • Educational martial arts games

  • Encouragement to do their best in new challenges

  • Learning to be a supportive friend

  • Developing emotional intelligence and behavior control

  • Polite listening and public speaking skills

  • A healthy outlet for excess energy.