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Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-5)
Lil' Dragons (4-6)

Lil' Dragons (4-6)

Tiny Tigers Class

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Children ages 4 and 5 are at a critical development phase where they start to discover who they are and reach out to the world around them.


Our Tiny Tigers classes help our students learn skills and develop a positive attitude while they play martial arts games and drills in an informative yet fun setting.


Our Tiny Tigers learn:

  • Coordination, strength, and flexibility

  • Self-control, responsibility, and healthy play habits.

  • Tae Kwon Do Basics

  • Physical Education basics incorporated in warm-ups and martial arts games

  • How to focus and learn faster

...and many more invaluable habits and skills that will have a positive impact on their lives at a crucial stage in their development!

Previous martial arts experience is not necessary for our Tiny Tigers program. Classes are taught in small groups. Each class is 30 minutes long with structured warm-ups, stretches, conditioning, skill drills, and martial arts games.

more benefits

  • Students learn to cheer for their teammates, not to mock others when they make mistakes in class.

  • Students learn to avoid aggressive behavior such as hitting and biting and to find positive outlets for their anger.

  • Students learn to identify and control negative emotions.

  • Students learn how to control their behavior in difficult situations.

  • Students learn how to listen respectfully and not interrupt others while they are speaking.

  • Our Tiny Tigers program provides exercise while improving balance and motor skills.

  • We combine fun, skill-developing games with character development lessons.

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